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As a score composer, Patterson surrenders to the story; pulling and pushing the audience along the emotional arcs of the director’s grand vision. Powerfully forceful, subliminally delicate or some place in the middle, Shawn’s masterful command of underscore has earned him an Emmy® Award nomination and multiple ASCAP Award wins.

Shawn continues to search for compelling projects (in both television and film) to bring his unique style of musical underscore to. Whether a minimalistic synthetic electronic score or a wide-ranging orchestral score Patterson loves to push the boundaries of storytelling with his music.

  1. In the Name of Justice Shawn Patterson 2:25
  2. Sounds From The Forest Shawn Patterson 1:55
  3. Slightly West of Oxford Shawn Patterson 3:21
  4. Long Woods Shawn Patterson 1:40
  5. Alan Turing and the Machine Shawn Patterson 1:38
  6. Farewell on the Andes 1:09
  7. Payback Shawn Patterson 1:20
  8. Four Steps Forward Shawn Patterson 1:29
  9. Infusion 2:16
  10. Asynchronous Software Glitch Shawn Patterson 1:42
  11. La Frustration de Sa Majesté Shawn Patterson 1:18
  12. A Failed Master Shawn Patterson 0:47
  13. Light & Hope 1:31
  14. Across the Desert Sand Shawn Patterson 1:41